Cassanova Entertainment


Can I communicate directly with the escort lady by E-mail first?

No, it is not allowed and against our escort agency's policy. We would like as well to offer discretion for our escorts ladies.

Will I be able to request for the same escort lady every time?

Yes. Just remember her name and call a day earlier as to enquire on her availability as well.

Can I or someone else fetch the escort lady?

No. Standard practice dictates that the escort meets you at your premises.

Can I take photos or videos of the escort during the service?

No. No escort agency will allow that. Furthermore, we need to protect discretion and privacy of our escort ladies in this industry.

What is your credit card policy?

We receive an authentication for all credit card transactions. We also require a signatory that can be verified to your actual credit card before the service is provided. Fraudulent credit cards will be reported to the authorities.

Please send me a photograph of your escort lady. I wouldn't give it to anyone else.

We do not distribute our escort ladies' photographs for privacy measures but also for security measures as well as we do not want to be the talk of the town. We would not know whose hands our photographs or digital images would end up in. Our VIP clientele do not wish to be identified in public being with the escort lady whose photographs are on the internet.

What do you do and don't do?

If you need to ask this, you have misunderstood. If what we offer is not what you ask, please look elsewhere.

I am very wealthy and can afford to pay you but I am having some cash flow problem right now. Can we work something out?

Yes, let's meet after your problems are over.

Your escort service charges are much higher than average, how do you justify that?

We are much better than average.

Can we know each other by email first?

Please visit one of the cyber-chat services around as we do not offer chat services, only female companionship and adult entertainment services.